Discover the better life and Prepare for MBA with Us.

The secret to cracking CAT or any exam for that matter is finding the right person to guide you. Catapult is the only MBA preparation institute that focuses on every student being mentored personally for each and aspect related to the preparation journey.

We at Catapult understand that every student is different and requires different guidance in different areas. From the first step to the last, covering every topic properly in the classes to addressing the doubts as and when they arise and dealing with the various difficulties that students may come across ranging from academics to personality development, our mentors are always present to guide the students.

The secret to each student succeeding is the presence of a mentor to provide the right guidance. Merely teaching is not enough mentoring is what is needed. We have the best in class mentors who are experts in their own fields and are the alumni of the premier MBA institutes and have the first hand experience of the MBA life. We know what it takes to get there and thrive and we are passionate to send more students to the top institutes in India.

The recipe of scoring well in CAT is not mere repetition of theory and hitting arrows in the dark but the proper analysis of the mistakes that you commit and making sure you don’t do them again. Our mentors specialize in the proper analysis of mocks on personal level. By keeping a proper record of the performance of students we strive to turn the weakness of students into their strengths. The proper analysis of each and every mock is what turns a normal percentiler into a 99+ scorer.

Catapult is the only coaching institutes that stress on clearing the doubts at the very moment they arise and nipping them in the bud. We have various WhatsApp and Facebook groups for the classroom students along with the online course students, where students can post their doubts and get them solved right then. Our mentors are always a call away from the students and always ready to solve their doubts.

Our last batch in spite of being a small group of fourteen students secured 100% results with each and every student securing above 90 percentile. Our previous batch, boasts of being students of colleges like IIM-C,IIFT,SPJIMR etc. We focus on working on each individual and working hard with them and have broadened our mission and vision to send even a greater number of students to the IIM’s.

We focus on the overall development of the students from the very beginning. WAT and GD preparation is done from the first day. We also enroll and guide the students for various online courses that prepare them for the MBA curriculum beforehand and expose them to the topics that they will have to face once they are in the college putting them at an edge compared to others.

We select our batch after proper written test and personal interviews so that we select the students who are dedicated and serious to prepare for the exam and ready to put in the best of their efforts. We know the importance of a good peer group and therefore we encourage daily discussions in the class on various topics ranging from general awareness to profile development along with the theory concepts taught in the class.

We sport an in house library where students can sit and discuss their problems with no time restrictions. The centre remains open 24X7 and the students can sit and study for as long as they want. We focus on providing the apt environment for studies which propels the students to better performance.

CAT and in fact every other exam is about proper revision and therefore it is of utmost importance that the course is completed well before time so that there is ample time for multiple rounds of revision.

We aim at completing the course by July end i.e. around 3-4 months before the D-day so that an adequate number of mocks can be given and concepts can be revised. We also provide individual courses for students who require classes only in a single section. As well as express course completion packages, along with courses for the completion of individual topics in Quants, Verbal and DILR.